5G Digital Living Lab


5G Digital Living Lab

Located inside the HRBRC, the Digitalization Lab provides the means to measure the benefits of 5G and NextG systems from open-sourced solutions to high-end commercial solutions.

The results of these measures will allow researchers to better model 5G and NextG benefits to support risk analysis of future investments. With this information, HRBRC will support building applications and systems that use this technology to facilitate higher knowledge transfer, connectivity and system efficiency.

Lab Equipment and Setup

Ericsson high powered radio system with server backend equipment

Allows testing of commercial quality high powered radio use

Ericsson DOT indoor 5G system with server backend equipment

Allows testing of many lower powered radios commercially developed for indoor use

Amarisoft Callbox and Simbox

Allows for rapid configuration of various multi radio configurations and testing

Uses software defined radios

Can simulate User Equipment with Simbox to measure performance of varying numbers of users with varying data requirements

Architecture for proposed hospital indoor mentor and mentee training platform